SHUTTERBUG’s DELIGHT #70: “Beautiful Spider”

Photo by Kevin Keelanall rights reserved

Photo by Kevin Keelan / all rights reserved


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4 Responses to SHUTTERBUG’s DELIGHT #70: “Beautiful Spider”

    • Isn’t it? How lucky could I get?! I just looked strait above me and saw the significant spider, pulled out my camera and went to full zoom. I was shocked that it was nearly as focused or detailed as it was! cameras these days are remarkable. I consider it my best “wildlife” photo yet- but it’s not so much skill as luck converging with technology.


    • I noticed this colorful little critter on a web directly over my head, along the side of my previous residence. he was among the largest spiders I’d ever encountered. Racing back indoors to grab my camera, I rushed out and he was still there- so I pointed the camera straight up and went to the maximum possible zoom. Click. Got it on the first try. I was amazed that it was not blurry- and you can see all kinds of details in the exposure that you couldn’t see with the naked eye.


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