GREETINGS and WELCOME to KPKeelan’s daily photoblog!

Hi!  Thanks for visiting.

> I am Kevin Paul Keelan, photographer, writer, storyteller, artist and general Troublemaker.  I live and work in Santa Cruz, California, indulging in frequent local photo safaris with a particular focus on color, pattern and texture- and trying to look at our familiar world in some fresh new way.

. This blog is an offshoot of my Pandemonium Ventures metablog KPKworld that has been thriving since February of 2010. What started as a literary portal has turned into a virtual online themepark for the brain and funnybone.  Opening the vaults, I invited folks to join me in a romp through the fruits of a lifetime of creativity, in 14 channels ranging from SCRABBLE, ANYONE? to IRISH RAMBLINGS.  Thankfully, the world accepted the offer.  But as soon as I added SHUTTERBUG’s DELIGHT to the menu, it became apparent that these increasingly popular images deserved a space of their own, where they don’t have to compete with cinema reviews, off-color jokes or bloviating rants.  The result:

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The place to come for FRESH, JUICY IMAGES

EVERY SINGLE DAY since January 2015,

running through December 2017!

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Hope you come along for the ride!  While you’re at it, PLEASE VISIT THE MOTHERSHIP at:

>  Thanks for your time and attention friends.  Enjoy!

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All content © Kevin Keelan / ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


7 Responses to GREETINGS and WELCOME to KPKeelan’s daily photoblog!

  1. csperryess says:

    Hey KPK – may this new venture prove fulfilling. I look forward to future posts/photos.


  2. Kathy says:

    Best of luck with this Kevin. I’ll look forward to seeing all your new photos.


  3. Denise says:

    Great and much luck!


  4. Lori says:

    Hope you are doing better. I suppose I haven’t been looking around. I am cranky because of a sprained ankle. No tap dancing for me for me for a while. No excuse for not checking on your art. Nice

    Liked by 1 person

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